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WEP Legislative History

In the closing days of the 105th Congress, Rep. Max Sandlin introduced
a bill, H.R.3077, which would repeal the WEP. The bill needs additional

Rep. Barney Frank has also has introduced H.R. 2549, to reduce the 
impact of the WEP by eliminating it if the combined monthly Social
Security benefit (before the WEP) and the government annuity were 
$2,000 or less. If the combined monthly amount is $2,000 to $3,000, 
the WEP formula is phased in, so that once $3,000 per month is reached,
the full WEP applies. 

These bills have been reintroduced in the 106th Congress as H.R.742 and 
H.R.860, respectively.  They have been introduced in the 107th Congress
as H.R.848 and H.R.1073.

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