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Public Pension Tax Parity - H.R.2462

Representative Robert Bradley has introduced H.R.2462.  This bill
would amend the Internal Revenue Code to provide an exclusion
from gross income for that portion of a government pension 
Federal, State, or Local) received by an individual which 
does not exceed the maximum benefits payable under the Social
Security Act which could have been excluded from income for 
the taxable year.

Enactment of this bill would give public pension annitants the 
same tax treatment provided to Social Security Annuitants.

We need additional co-sponsors for this bill. 

Click on Co-Sponsors of H.R.2462 to determine if your representative
has co-sponsored H.R.2462. If not, click on Co-Sponsors of H.R.372 to 
determine if your representative co-sponsored the previous bill,
then members should be urged to write requesting co-sponsorship
using the appropriate Sample for language they can use. 

If your representative has cosponsored H.R.2462, urge your
members to write a short Thank You letter.


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