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Helpful Information Sources

Here are handy sources of information that relate to legislation.

* Legislation. If you want to know:
     -the actual contents of a bill that is being considered in the
      House or the Senate
     -who the sponsors and co-sponsors are,

you can find it by clicking on House and Senate Bills

* What is going on in the House.  By clicking on House of Representatives,
  you can find:
     -Rollcall votes on bills
     -Annual Congressional schedule
     -Committee schedules
     -This week on the House Floor, Currently on the House floor.
     -A Host of other information about the House.
     -How a bill progresses through the House
     -How your representative voted on any bill in this or prior 

* Another source of information about the Congress is Roll Call
     -The Hill Directory is of special value.
* NARFE members, and especially chapter presidents and legislative 
  officers should checkout the web site shown below
  and consider signing up for the on-line e-mail newsletter.


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House and Senate Bills:
About the House of Representatives:
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Medical Savings Accounts:
More information about both the House and Senate:
Newsletter for federal, postal and Retired Employees :
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