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Reasons why you should join NARFE Federal Employees earn Retirement Benefits. NARFE works to protect them. The Association's objectives are to: -Sponsor and support legislation to protect the earned benefits and the general welfare of its members; -Oppose legislation which adversely affects member retirement and health benefit programs; -Inform members about legislative issues that impact their lives, primarily retirement income and health care security; -Strenghten the political influence of current and future federal retirees through NARFE-PAC, a political action committee; -Work in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management to answer questions related to retirement benefits; -Cooperate with other organizations seeking to accomplish similar legislative goals; -Foster public recognition and appreciation of government service; and -Contribute to the well-being of local communites through volunteer service. I'm a FERS retiree! Why should I join NARFE? NARFE works to: -Protect your health benefits. Recently, NARFE was instrumental in providing federal employees, both current and retired, with the opportunity to purchase long term health care insurance at a below market cost. -Protect your annuity. If your annuity is tied to the cost-of -living, NARFE works to prevent congressional tampering with the formula. Such issues as the Windfall Elimination Provision, Government Pension Offset that can adversely affect your annuity are being actively opposed by NARFE. -In the last year of the Clinton Administration, all Executive Branch employees received the benefit of paying their for their health benefits with pre-tax dollars. This action saved them $300-$400 a year. The legislative and Justice Branches soon followed suit. NARFE is working to have Congress apply this benefit to reired federal employees, as well. -These and many others are reasons why you should be a NARFE member. See the home page for this site and the National NARFE home page.
Remember, there is strength in numbers. NARFE has congressional clout in proportion to the number of it's members. You need NARFE, and NARFE needs you!

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