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CSRDF Off-Budget - H.R.572

The Social Security Trust Fund has been off-budget since Fiscal Year
1986. NARFE members have resolved at the last several national conventions
to seek off-budget status for the Civil Service Retirement and Disability
Fund. It is believed that off-budget status would provide a better 
understanding of the fiscal stability and financial obligations of the
trust fund.  Rep. Bilirakis has introduced H.R.572, which would accomplish 
this.  There is no companion Senate bill at this time.

Congress and the Administration continue to propose cuts in federal 
retirement benefits, even though the annual statement of the CSRDF
shows that the Fund receipts are well in excess of benefit outlays.
NARFE therefore believes that the cost, assets, investments, and
obligations of an off-budget trust fund would eventually result in better
fiscal planning and retirement security for the Government, its
employees and its retirees. 
Action Needed

We need additional co-sponsors for this bill.   Click on Co-Sponsors of H.R.572
to determine if your representative has co-sponsored H.R.572.  If not, click on
Co-Sponsors of H.R.82 to determine if your representative co-sponsored the 
previous bill, then members should be urged to write requesting co-sponsorship,
using the appropriate  Sample for language they can use.

Note:The co-sponsorship for this bill has declined in each of the last several
congresses.  The 104th congress had 151, 105th-127, 106-93.  We need to redouble our
efforts if we are to get this bill passed.

If your representative is a co-sponsor, have your members write a short
letter thanking your Representative for the co-sponsorship.

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