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NARFE Political Action Introduction

Today federal employees and annuitants have a sound retirement system and a model group health insurance program. We worked and paid for these benefits during our federal careers so we could depend on them in our retirement. But, to do so, we must make certain that those protections are not diminished or destroyed by Congress. During the 1980's, our retirement income security was constantly threat- ened by politicians who felt the money could be better used to enhance the national defense. In the 1990's, rapidly changing and controversial health care reform proposals caused legislators to challenge the proven effectiveness of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Today, as the nation prepares for the new millennium, the politicians are focused on plans for restructuring Social Security, Medicare and other federal programs for the 21st century. During the two decades of its existence, NARFE-PAC has allowed NARFE members to pool their political resources on behalf of U.S. House and Senate candidates of their choice. NARFE-PAC procedures rely on the advice and consent of NARFE members through consultation with local chapters and state federations. This democratic process exists to justify NARFE-PAC's creed... Of the donors, by the members, for the good of all retirees and survivors. NARFE-PAC consistently has ranked among the nationís most important political action committees. It has given NARFE and its members stature in the political arena. Letís keep it strong! If you have the means, contribute yearly. Youíll gain it back through protecting your annuity and health benefits! Recommended Action Chapter Presidents, Legislative Officers and NARFE-PAC Chairpersons (if one is appointed) should click on NARFE-PAC Questions & Answers to review the requirements and methodology for handling NARFE-PAC contributions.

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