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Medical Savings Accounts Action Items

Medical Savings Accounts Action Items 

The Senate has passed S. 1344, which allows Medical Savings Accounts 
in the FEHBP under Title V Section 503, and the house has passed a tax
bill that provides expands the number of allowable MSA's and provides
exemptions for MSA contributions (but didn't include MSA's in the FEHBP.)

Although we prevailed in the House, pressure must be maintained so that 
the measure will not be included in the compromise legislation.

 It is necessary to write, e-mail, fax, phone  or have a face to face
contact with your elected  representatives (both House and Senate)
and urge him to contact the House/Senate conference committee member
for Managed Care legislation and urge him to oppose the introduction
of language that puts MSAs into the FEHBP.

Effective language to use has been posted on the National NARFE site 
and is as follows:

 I urge you tell your managed care conference committee members to 
oppose legislation that would open the Federal Employees Health Benefits
Program to Medical Savings Accounts. This would add major new Medical
Savings Account costs to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
Where will the estimated 1 billion dollars in new cost come from?

2. Send e-mails with this same message.

3. Write, using the language section above.

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