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Medicare Penalty Relief Legislative History

In prior Congresses, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has introduced bills that
would limit the penalty to a total of 10 percent, payable only for twice
the number of years a person delayed filing for Part B. In the above
example, under Frank's bill, the penalty for a 10 year delay would be
only $4.38 per month, payable for twenty years.  Rep. Frank introduced
H.R. 914 in the 106th Congress, which is the same bill as he has intro-
duced in the past. The bill has been referred to both the House Ways 
and Means Committee and the House Commerce Committee. At the present time,
H.R.914 has 73 cosponsors.

In order to bring this bill to the floor of the House for action, many
more co-sponsors are needed. Write, call, or e-mail your representative
and urge his co-sponsorship.  

There is no companion bill in the Senate. 

Medicare Penalty Relief Sample Letter: