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Equity for Military Reserve Technicians H.R.2012/S.155
These bills would provide an equitable retirement for military reserve
technicians who are covered under the Federal Employment Retirement
System or the Civil Service Retirement System.  It would provide an
annuity if the technician is separated  after the age of 50 and 
completing 20 years of service or is separated after completing 25
years of service.

H.R.2012 was introduced by Representative Abercrombie and was referred to the House
Committee on Government Reform that same day and then forwarded to Subcommittee on Civil Service.

An identical bill, S.155, was introduced in the Senate by Senator Bingaman.
Action Needed

We need additional co-sponsors for these bills.   Click on Co-Sponsors of H.R.2012  
to determine if your representative is a co-sponsor..  If not, click on
Co-Sponsors of H.R.1079 to determine if your representative co-sponsored
 the previous bill, then members should be urged to write requesting co-sponsorship
using the appropriate Sample for language they can use.

If your representative is a co-sponsor, have your members write a short
letter thanking your rep. for the co-sponsorship.

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