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Federal Civilian and Uniformed Services Long Term Care Insurance

Most members of NARFE are aware of the possibility that we might need 
long term care in a nursing home.  We are also aware that, unless one 
has insurance for such a circumstance, extended care can cause 
financial devastation.  As a result, many have considered buying long
term care insurance.

See Long Term Care Primer for information regarding the need for and cost of
Long Term Care.

Many members do not carry long term care insurance, because they consider
the risk too small and not worth the rather high premium.  Others want 
such insurance but can't afford it. 

With NARFE'S leadership, the Long Term Care Security Act (PL 106-265)
is now the law of the land.  As a result, NARFE members will have the
opportunity to buy long term care insurance if they feel the need for
such protection.  This insurance will be administered by OPM, as is
our FEHBP.  The insurance will be unsubsidised, but should be 10-20%
cheaper than purchasing such insurance on the open market.

OPM should have the details of the plan and costs available sometime
in 2002.  When it becomes available, members should consider their own
circumstances carefully before deciding.

Information on OPM's progress is available at OPM's Long Term Care Information
Site.  You can monitor their progress by periodically accessing that site.

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