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Legislative Information Site

National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE)

The purpose of this site is to provide a method of disseminating
information regarding legislation that may affect the benefits due
retired federal employees.  
This site is strictly devoted to legislative matters of concern to
active and retired federal employees.  There is no intent to dupli-
cate any national or state site.  It will be updated as circumstances
The National NARFE web page has been improved to the point that
it now provides most of the features of this site, plus a few more.
As a result, this site will be changed to provide only general infor-
mation about legislative matters of concern to retired and active
federal employees.
The NARFE Legislative page can be reached by clicking on NARFE's Home Page and
then on Legislative Action Center. When you get there, be sure
to make it one of your favorites so you can return easily.
If you aren't a NARFE member, be sure to see "Reasons
to join NARFE" below.
Latest Update:July 29,2003 
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Specific Legislative Issues

Government Pension Offset Reform:
Windfall Elimination Provision:
CSRS Off Budget:
Limit Medicare Late Enrollment Penalty:
Equity for Dual Status Nat'l Guard Techs
Premium Share Shift
LTC Insurance Premium Tax Deduction:
Long-term Care Insurance
FEHBP Premium Conversion
Public Pension Tax Parity

General Information

Reasons to join NARFE:
Working with Other Organizations:
Letters to the Editor:
Information on NARFE-PAC:

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