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Helpful Information Sources

       The internet has a multitude of information sources to assist us in our 
        legislative planning and action. They are too numerous to list all of 
       them on this page, but we wanted to highlight a few of them and point 
                       out their potential benefit to you.
The main benefit of this site- easy access to your legislators' profiles, including addresses, email addresses, fax numbers, etc. It also contains the legislators voting records for selected bills. This site also includes a basic primer on how to contact your representative and the proper procedures to follow when telephoning, writing, and e-mailing. These pages can serve as a valuable resource when conducting legislative meetings or seminars. Instructions - once you get to the home page, click on the link "The Hill Directory." Then follow the easy instructions to get to your legislator's profile. From this profile you can link to a page which will enable you to email directly. Another link will take you to his/her voting record. Going back to the home page, click on the link "Congressional Contact." This contains basic information on how to contact your legislators, how to address and compose letters, how to conduct yourself during personal contacts, etc. This information could be used at any legislative seminar. Comments - The profile itself is very valuable. We would suggest printing it out and distributing to members of your District or Chapter who do not have intemet access. The voting records are limited, but you can obtain your legislator's voting record on any piece of legislation by phoning his office or by accessing Project Vote-Smart, discussed below. Rollcall is a Capitol Hill newspaper and contains many newsy stories about Hill goings on. It is rather gossipy and fun and may be of interest to those of you who want to know more about the Hill. There are other useful links on this site and we recommend that you check them out.
Main Benefit of this Site - Many of you are already aware of this site. It continues to be an invaluable source of information to those interested in legislative matters. It contains the most detailed record of legislators' voting records on the internet. It provides a means of tracking selected bills through the legislative process. It also contains information regarding State legislators and pending issues. You might also be interested in reading some the informative articles they provide. Instructions - When you get to the Home Page, look for the link, "Candidates & Elected Officials." This will lead you to your legislator's voting records, issue positions, campaign finances, etc., and biographical information. This site's voting record section is a little more detailed than the Rollcall site discussed above, but it is well worth the effort because of the completeness of the data provided. If you click on the link, "Congress Track, " you can then find the links to track the status of any piece of legislation, current or otherwise. However, these links will often send you to another workhorse site, "," which is discussed below. Comments -This is a monster site, but one which should resolve any legislative inquiry that you have. All the links cannot possibly be discussed here. We do recommend that you visit this site when you have time to spare and familiarize yourself with what it has to offer. This site should be particulary helpful to Legislative Liaisons, Legislative Officers, and anyone seriously interested in the legislative process. www.thomas
Main Benefit of this Site - This is the workhorse site for information on legislation. Many of the legislative sites link to Thomas as a source of data on pending and passed legislation. When you get into this site, you can use it to track legislative bills. This site will provide you with the exact language of the bill, summaries, names of the sponsors and the current status. Instructions - When you get into the Home Page, look for the search link which will enable you to search for a specific bill by number, or if not available, by the subject of the bill. Obviously, your search will go faster if you have the number of the legislation, e.g. H.R. 1234. Once you link on the bill, the above information will be provided to you. Comments - This is one of the fastest ways to get information on the details of legislation and to obtain the exact wording of a bill.
Main Benefit.of this Site - This site gives you information as to just what is going on in the House of Representatives at any given time. It provides Committee schedules, roll call votes on bills, annual Congressional schedule, the current week's schedule, i.e., what is currently on the House floor. It has a host of other information about the House, including Committee actions and assignments. Instructions - This Is one of those sites that when you get to the Home Page, follow the links where you want to go. If you wish to determine committee assignments, click on the link, "House Directory. " The links to the House's schedule are listed at the bottom of the Home Page. Comments - Another site you should visit when you have some time to browse. This site is invaluable if you are planning to visit your representative because it will give you the information you need to show that you are following the legislative process very closely.
This site provides similar information to that found at the House site.
Any NARFE member should checkout the above web site and consider signing up for the free online e-mail newsletter.
The NARFE national web site should be checked frequently for the latest in NARFE-related information. Not only does it contain the Hotline message, but other information on immediate actions necessary. Alliance for Retired Americans Tha Alliance is the successor organization of the National Council of Senior Citizens. They deal with all issues that affect senior citizens. Many of these issues, if not all of them, affect Federal retirees. Mike Causey's Column
This site provides "ear-to-the-ground" information of interest to federal employees and retirees. Those of us who worked in Washington D.C. were daily readers of this column. In the 106th Congress, which resumed January 6, 1999, Social Security, Medicare, the Older Americans Act, and many other areas which affect us all will be debated. This is a good site to get overall information on these issues. We urge that you take a look at it occasionally to have a broad aspect of the concerns affecting us all. In 1999, we expect a great deal of legislation which will affect the Medicare program, beginning with Medicare+Choice. Since 80% of Federal retirees are covered under Medicare, we will be closely watching this legislation. This site should help us in this oversight.

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