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Hints for Using the Site

The Site works best with Netscape, so use it if you have a choice of 

One of the things you can't help but notice is the "Welcome to Tripod"
banner at the top of the page.  A good way to handle this is to put 
your curser on the left hand side of the dark stripe at the top.  Hold down
the left mouse button and move (drag) the banner to the lower right 
hand corner of the screen.  There, it won't be in your way.

In the text of the pages are underlined words, usually in a contrasting
color.  These are active links.  Click on them and they'll take you where
the word(s) says.

We suggest that you not copy letters or petitions from the screen.  A
better way is use the copy/paste capabilities of your word processor.
With it in the word processor, you can modify the letter to make it 
more your style.  You can also vary it for different members of your
chapter.  A way to do this with most systems, if you don't know how,
is as follows:
   First, put your curser on the left end of the first line of text you 
wish to copy.  Hold the left mouse button down and move the curser to the
right end of the last line of text you want to copy into your word processor.
Release the mouse button.  The text you want to copy should be highlighted.
Next, move the curser to "Edit" at the top of your browser.  Click on edit
to get the dropdown menu.  Select "Copy" and click the left mouse button. 
This places the text in a memory section where it will stay until you 
use the same procedure to copy or cut again.  Now it's time for your word
processor.  Diminish the browser page and activate your word processor.
Open a new page.  Put your curser in the top left corner of the new page
and click it.  Next, put your curser on "Edit" at the top of the screen and 
click it to get the dropdown menu.  Select "Paste" and click on it.  The
copied text should appear on the page.  Now you can personalize and/or edit
it as necessary.

If you have members having trouble finding the page, it is probably 
because they are not reading the FlF in FlFedLeg as uppercase F,
lowercase L, and uppercase F. Many people read the L as uppercase L
or lowercase I.

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