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GPO Legislative History

For a number of years, bills have been introduced in each Congress to
repeal the GPO, but they languished in the committee of jurisdiction,
the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee.
A GPO bill, H.R.2273, was introduced in the 105th Congress on July 25,
1997 by Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA). This bill would remove the offset
for anyone whose combined annuity and spousal Social Security benefit
is $1200 per month or less. For those with more than $1200 per month,
the 2/3rds offset would apply on amounts over $1200. And in the 105th
Congress, for the first time, a GPO reform bill has been introduced
in the Senate. That bill, S.1365, by Senator Barbara Milkulski (D-MD)
is similar to the Jefferson bill.  Similar bills were introduced in the
106th Congress as H.R.1217 and S.717

Simiar bills for the 107th Congress have been introduced.  The House bill,
H.R.664, was sponsored by Representative Jefferson. The companion bill in 
the Senate is S.611 by Senator Barbara Mikulski.

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